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Versatility of expanded metal meshes for architecture

Italmesh produces different types of expanded metal mesh for architectural projects that are distinguished and characterized by different design. All series can be realized in different sizes. The continuous search for new materials and applications systems increase versatility and durability guarantees.
All models can be made of steel, weathering steel, aluminium, stainless steel and copper. The thickness of steel meshes varies from a minimum of 0.6 mm to a maximum is 3 mm and for aluminum meshes the minimum is 1 mm and the maximum of 5 mm. All materials used are 100% Made in Italy and fully recyclable.
This versatility enable Italmesh products to find application in various fields.

expanded mesh for architectural project

The ItalMesh products are not used exclusively for new achievements, but also for the coating and the modernization of existing buildings.

The expanded mesh used in architecture requires special tolerances, a careful and precise machining, a qualified customer assistance and a coating applied by an expert and able to ensure maximum durability of that harmonious and charming aesthetic effect.

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