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Baku - Azerbaijan

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Panel of expanded metal mesh CASPIAN WATERFRONT Baku

Waterfront Caspian, observatory in Baku, is a construction started in 2016 with commercial destination, spread over an area of ​​120,000 m ² includes two levels of retail, six levels of entertainment and leisure, and inside the tower area entirely dedicated to bars, restaurants furniture.

Construction of the contemporary form, which incorporates the Azerbaijan architectural forms inspired by the geometric shape of the Sydney Opera House.

The special feature of meshes is that they have been created and shaped one by one to recreate the movements and undulations of flower petals. ItalMesh has contributed to the realization of the central bulb petals providing expanded metal mesh model Brescia 200 in alum thk 5 mm.
The meshs were powder coated, with a copper color specially created for the customer.
Starting from the known geometric shapes italmesh team, in collaboration with the clients Permasteelisa, has developed a three-dimensional model adaptable to the project area. Each panel was studied individually and with extreme precision, since developed on different Cartesian planes.


Complete Projects:
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